MIM International Journal of Management Research

Guidelines to Authors

Journal of Management Research MIM International

‘MIM International Journal of Management Research’ (MIM IJMR) is a Bi-annual Refereed journal brought out by the ‘MEASI Institute of Management’ (formerly NEW College Institute of Management), 87, Peters Road Royapettah, chennai-14. The aim of the Journal is to address the contemporary issues relating to the practices of business and management as it happens worldwide. The important guidelines for the authors are as follows:
1. The article shall be original and empirical in nature using specialized concepts, research and methodology and highlighting key insights and managerial implications.

2. The cover page of the manuscript shall contain title of the article, name of the authors including the details of affiliation, postal address, Mobile numbers, and e-mail ID.

3. The second Page shall contain the details of title of the article, Executive summary (not exceeding 250 words) and key words.

4. Each article shall be about 8 – 10 pages including the text with Times New Roman font size 12 with spacing. Graphs, diagrams and charts must be in editable format not in photo/JPEG format.

5. References: authors must acknowledge all the sources they have drawn upon,including direct quotations, as well as ideas, concepts, data and exhibits. Only those references cited in the main text should be listed in the reference list. Sources should be stated briefly in the text, following the author –date conventions of the last name and the year of publication, in parentheses. Citations within the text would read, for e.g. ‘According to Russel& Taylor,(2009)…. “or’ …. (Russel&Taylor, 2009)’. The reference list should be in the alphabetical and chronological order and should include complete bibliographical details as appropriate- the name(s) of the author(s), year of publication, title of the article/book, name of the journal, details of the publisher, volume and issue number and individual page number URL of online sources (online journals, magazines or newspapers) with access date.

Sample Book Reference:    
Russell & Taylor (2009). : Operations Management Along the supply chain (6thed.) New Delhi, John Wiley & Sons.  

Sample Reference to Chapter in Book :
 Nancy W. Nix (2001). : Supply Chain Management in the Global Environment, John. T. Mentzer (Ed), Supply Chain Management (pp.27 -58). New Delhi, Sage Publications,Inc.  

Sample Journal Reference:    
Saibal Ghosh (2011). : “Diversification and Firm Value: Evidence from Indian Banks”. South Asian Journal of Management, 18(3), 7-25.

6. Each article must be accompanied by a declaration by the author for authenticity, originality and non – violation of any copy right. Declaration must also specify that it has not been published or offered for publication anywhere else.

7. Contributors are required to proof read the final version of the article before sending to us

8. All publishing rights are reserved with the Editorial Board. The articles are reviewed by the Editorial team for preliminary suitability and content and clarifications required, if any are sought form the authors. After Editorial committee is satisfied, the articles are sent to the Editorial advisory committee members. At the end of the blind review process, the editor informs the author about the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript. On acceptance, the author is expected to incorporate the modifications suggested by the reviewers, if any, and submit a soft copy and hard copy of the final revised manuscript. The editorial committee reserves the right to make editorial amendments in the final draft to suit the journal’s requirements.

9. The author will receive a reply within 4-6 weeks about the status of their article.

10. Authors should ensure that the manuscript submitted to MIM IJMR is not simultaneously submitted to any other journal or publisher. Similarly, it should not be submitted anywhere else during the pendency of the review process which will take 3-6 months. Once a manuscript is accepted by or published in MIM IJMR, it becomes the property of MIM, whose permission is required for any operation covered by the copyright Act.