24TH Batch MBA 2018-20 Induction Day Report On 4th July 2018

On an ever-so-fine morning of Wednesday – the 4th of July, in the confines of MEASI Institute of Management; began the much-awaited entry of the future managers, executives, industrialists, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow in the harbinger debut of their career-defining demeanour as the freshly introduced batch (XXIV) of our MEASI foundation. With the tag of ‘Induction Day’ on the banner, we witnessed the harnessing of preeminent guidance and patronization of these up and coming managers by the pioneers of this very institute which has excelled in producing phenomenal results in the academic front and also efficient human capital year after year.

Under the pilotage of our Dynamic Director Dr.D.Nisar Ahmed and Dr B. Latha Lavanya (Head of the Dept., MIM), and the apex fulcrum of this successful event; His Highness Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali (Prince of Arcot), Janab T. Rafeeq Ahmed (Executive Director, MIM), Janab Elias Sait (Finance Director, MIM), with the captaincy of our Dynamic Director Dr D Nisar Ahmed, and with the notable chief guest and speaker Mr Manikandan Thangarathinam (Director, Appstore Software Group), the program shot out into the sky as high as the Apollo 11 spaceship with prior planning and smooth execution up to the final moments of the event.

The program was handled efficaciously by Ms Ayesha Anjum as the Master of Ceremony. The Qirath and its English translation were given by Mr Abdul Rahman and Mr Adnan Jawed respectively. Our dynamic director addressed the gathering at its initial point of momentum, and also introducing the chief guest. Followed by which His Highness furnished the presidential address. Our executive director proposed the keynote welcome address. Followed with the inaugural address by our finance director,Soon after, the mementos were endowed to the dignitaries on the dais. Consequently, leading to the main show of the day, an enriching and powerful speech delivered by the chief guest speaker Mr ManikandanThangarathinam who took it upon himself to impart the knowledge of building our own career and managing the prospects of life and its derived consequences that break or build the crux of a student’s past, present and the unquenchable thirst of shaping a future from the everglade of the modern commercial world.

With the program winding to a close, it was time to give credit where it was due with the vote of thanks, which was divulged by Dr B Latha Lavanya (HoD, MIM). As the end embarked upon the event, it was only the rudimentary moments that marked the beginning from an end for the newly introduced batch, to follow the footsteps of their high-calibre seniors in brandishing the name of MEASI throughout colleges and universities in ways beyond imaginary.