MIM-PRIME: A Modern Pedagogy

A transformational & experiential learning that focuses on overall personality development in order to pursue their careers successfully. The students are taken through a series of exercises and workshops to instill confidence, increase competence, stimulate critical thinking and develop leadership skills.We believe that the students who come to us are highly capable and talented, yet they need to be molded to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving corporate environment. The world is extremely dynamic, and this dynamism will continue to accelerate. In order to survive and thrive in this dynamic milieu, students need to build skills and competencies, which help them rapidly adapt and grow.

At MIM, we are highly cognizant of these facts, and have developed a holistic programme built on 5 strong pillars, which we proudly call MIM-PRIME:


With a focus on eventual placement, the programme facilitates students in identifying appropriate career options based on their interests and strengths. Case studies, real life projects, group discussions, interactions with industry experts and alumni, all form part of this programme, and go a long way in preparing students for placements.


Hands on research experience teaches the importance of data analysis and interpretation, and enables critical thinking and problem solving capabilities.

Industry Connect:

A broad and deep engagement with industry gives the student an insight on the functioning of the industry, and enables them to develop conceptual and practical knowledge.


Our pedagogy includes an astute mentoring programme, which provides each student with an experienced and steadying mentor to rapidly transition from academia to a challenging but exciting world outside. The mentors provide necessary advice and counselling to enable mentees secure suitable internships, research projects, and guide them in formulating their career paths.


Any individual who wishes to pursue successful entrepreneurship or a corporate career, should necessarily possess quintessential expertise, viz. leadership, effective communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaborative teamwork. Under the programme, a team of best in class corporate trainers takes the students through a series of interventions in the form of exercises and workshops to assist the students in enhancing and developing the above-mentioned skills.

With the entire spectrum of business rapidly undergoing digital transformation, it is imperative for every professional to be equipped with the current and relevant expertise in Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and Research tools & techniques.

Thanks to MIM PRIME, the graduating students at the end of the course possess the above mentioned hard skills which gives them the differentiating edge in the demanding corporate environment.